Manufacturers and Contractors have 30% - 40% of all payments go to "one-off" vendors. The expense of setting up a new vendor, issuing a PO, and tracking an invoice is extremely expensive. The Ardent Group* says this cost is between $120 -$500 per vendor. Ironpoint's DirectSend solution provides an integrated platform that offers companies the ability to pay vendors with instant delivery, hassle-free automatic deposit and real-time payment tracking.

Sidestep ACH utilizing MasterCard's network and pay thru the banks' established debit card networks. Now it is easier than ever to send funds to businesses in about the time it takes to complete an ATM transaction. Recipients can verify their bank accounts instantly using their online banking credentials. This information is tokenized using secure bank APIs. At no time are login credentials stored anywhere on our servers. Utilizing MasterCard's network means you never need to worry about security.
Electronic payments have never been more powerful. Call today to learn more.

The Benefits of DirectSend:

  • Credit vendor accounts in 15 seconds
  • Instant verification & authentication
  • Detailed remittance advises
  • Detailed controls & reporting
  • Easy reconciliation
  • Manage 2 party checks