About Us

IronPoint Financial is a corporate payments processor. Our cloud-based payment platform integrates easily and quickly with virtually any EPR or AP system without any changes on your end. We provide secure electronic vendor payment transactions including virtual credit card, ACH, and wires. We also provide secure check printing at corporate or remote locations in addition to print and mail services. There are no subscription fees, set up costs, or software to buy.

Electronic payments reduce the cost of issuance and significantly lower the risk of bank and check fraud. We do all the heavy lifting for you, including enrolling your vendors to accept virtual credit cards. Virtual credit cards generate lucrative rebate income, thereby turning your AP department into a profit center. Integration and implementation is fast and easy. Our web-based payment platform also provides centralized control of payment approvals and disbursements, robust reporting for visibility, and even comprehensive invoice routing and approval workflows.

Please contact us today to learn more about our benefits and how we can customize a solution for your business.