Secure Corporate Payment Processing

IronPoint Financial provides electronic payment solutions to fit any situation. We provide the most flexibility in payments and make the implementation a breeze. No need to change your current processes or have IT make programing changes. Our payment gateway has proprietary applications which automatically converts old legacy payment files to electronic payments.

IronPoint can move companies to 95% electronic with hardly lifting a finger. With more options to pay, you can taylor your payment type depending on the vendor. Payment types include:

  • Virtual Card Payments (creates new revenue stream)
  • DirectSend (instantaneously credits a vendor's account)
  • Digital Check (send a check via email)
  • Enhanced ACH
  • Electronic Two Party Check (provides controls & endorsements)
Virtual Credit Card Payments

• Earn Monthly Rebates
• Eliminate Issuance Costs
• Reduce Payment Cycles

Instant Pay

• Instant Funds
• Detailed Remittances
• Great for one off vendors

Digital Checks & ACH

• Direct Deposit to Accounts
• Ability to print check locally
• Vendors can pick either

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