ACH Payment Processing

IronPoint's Enhanced ACH and Digital Check offerings are a perfect solution for those who want to issue payments directly from the accounting system with no process changes. When you decide to go electronic and start saving on overhead, IronPoint has several solutions. You need to have the right solution to maximize your vendors participation in your program. The following outlines several solutions and you may find you want to use more than one. No problem, we are easy to do business with. Call us today or schedule a call below.

Enhanced ACH

This is a more traditional ACH process that everyone is familiar, except we have removed the headaches of setting up ACH in your accounting system:

  • Instant vendor verification & authorization
  • Automatic vendor enrollment
  • Detailed remittance advices
  • Next day settlement
  • Vendor participation programs

Digital Checks

Totally eliminate checks by going digital. IronPoint takes you current print file and converts it to a secure digital document. Once converted, we send the check via email with a detailed remittance advice. This solution is for those vendors that prefer to see the check and deposit it for themselves.

  • Checks can be printed remotely via our secure print service
  • Vendors can use their desktop check scanner for deposits (see your bank's treasury offerings)
  • Individuals can deposit via their bank's mobile deposit app
  • Detailed remittance advices

The Benefits of ACH Payments and Digital Check Processing:

  • You are going electronic
  • Eliminate paper checks & manual signatures
  • Keep total control of process
  • Next day settlement
  • Easy reconciliation